Pioneering e-Commerce together with Axis.

With our tremendous growth, we seek dynamic, entrepreneurial, broad-minded individuals to join us. Hone your creativity, invent and innovate, and set your own highest standards within a nurturing, equal opportunity environment.

Working at Axis means constant change, new projects, challenges, opportunities to learn and grow. Every day, immerse yourself with people who are passionate about working on a product with such potential and real impact on the life of our customers. We are actively looking for e-Commerce passionate candidates to join us regardless of your current position.

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Our Company Mission

To innovate and provide end-to-end e-Commerce solution and strategy through our open ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Our Values

We are young and dynamic company that focus on delivering growth on top of our achievements. Axis is the place where you challenge yourself everyday and develop your career path the way you like. We’re proud of what we do and what makes us great. it is a genuine representation of our company culture. Not only do we shape the way we do business, we also guide you towards a better future.

Think like an Entrepreneur

We are all entrepreneurs and owners at Axis. We have a holistic view of the company’s strategy, and are accountable to drive the end result. We strongly encourage people at Axis to adopt an entrepreneur spirit and mindset so you can go extra mile to craft your success.

Humble and Challenging

We are confident but humble in the pursuit of high standards. We all have an obligation to challenge if we disagree.

“We inspire and not belittle”

Highest Standards and Innovation

We prefer to set our own highest standards than follow what others have prescribed. We invent, innovate and implement at a high quality and speed, with no compromise.