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Simplify the process of cross-border logistics, insert strong online presence, understand how eCommerce works in and out, and conduct business internationally without wading through endless currency conversion and customs forms. With Axis, it’s possible. We have translated the complicated workings of international shopping and shipping into an intuitive, one-click platform – which means seamless outbound logistics, product sourcing, real-time fully landed cost calculations and international currency and payment methods, many more…

In short, Axis eCommerce cross-border solution enables simple, streamlined, no-stress online shopping and shipping from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Complete Logistics

Product Sourcing

International Currencies
& Payment

Cross Border Consulting

Complete Logistics

From inbound products, fulfil orders, manage inventory, product labelling, to express delivery to customer doorsteps and many more. With Axis, eCommerce is made easy powered by our complete logistics. Our comprehensive delivery network and partnership with carriers companies has enabled business and individual sellers to truly enjoy eCommerce without the hassles of logistics.

Product Sourcing

We source quality brands from all over the world. Our SMEs supply top-notch products directly to us and made exclusively for our community. Entrepreneurs can leverage on our existing products range to start online business immediately at no product cost at all and no inventory needed.
SMEs can leverage on our platform to expand business sales channels everywhere at significant pace and build brand presence effortlessly.

Training Academy

We have a comprehensive programs that cover all your needs and essentials elements to understand the logistics elements in doing cross border eCommerce. Regardless of your objective to focus on B2C or B2B eCommerce, this is certainly a great stepping stone to help you to understand how to do business in global scale. We handhold you the entire journey of eCommerce and achieve great success at your pace.

International currencies & Payment

Businesses involve with more than one currency is complex but that does not stop any business to go forward. We mastered the core fundamental on how to accept multi-currencies and do business in multi-currencies payment methods. Eliminate all the unwanted charges to your business and make the best return from foreign currencies.

Cross-Border Consulting

Outsmart the hefty cross border shipping fees, together. Most of eCommerce business failed due to expensive shipping and failure to consider routing options that can provide the best ROI to the businesses. Our shipping intelligence solved the issue once and for all. Now, you can make use of our tools to determine which route and carrier is profitable and make the most from the bucks. Everything, completely transparent.

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