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Amazing benefits we offer

Axis involved in the entire processes of e-Commerce, so we fully understand how to drive customers from the top of the demand funnel all the way to increase conversion rates in your shopping cart. We are result driven and we use a data-driven approach to ensure your social media, websites, and marketplaces are effectively delivered and add to your bottom-line.


Comprehensive logistic service

Our delivery networks and partnership with carriers have enabled sellers and brand owners to fully enjoy e-commerce without the hassles of logistics.


Competitive rates

One of the primary drivers of cross-border e-commerce is low shipping rates. We do our best to provide the most competitive rates to our partners.


Returns management

Return shipment can become a complex and expensive process. At Axis, we help you manage returns efficiently in a very cost-effective manner.


Marketplace cross-border shipping

Save time and increase efficiency by managing shipments from multiple marketplace accounts with one single platform.


Full visibility and data analytics

Access and track real-time data of products, invoices, inventory and order processing over mobile and website.

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