About Us

With our years of experience in eCommerce

Founded back in 2009 with the pure aim to architect and pioneer an ecosystem between eCommerce players (sharing economy) that unleashes eCommerce potential in within and empowering Entrepreneurs and SMEs to go complete eCommerce. Since the inception, Axis Group of Companies has been proving itself as a market leader in eCommerce industry and continual refining Axis end-to-end platform solutions.

We believe that eCommerce goes beyond selling online to the sustainability of this ever-changing landscape.  Our end-to-end platform solution derived from our ecosystem with sharing economy advantages in the region is the answer to this evolution.

Throughout the years of experience and learning in the e-Commerce industry, we are constantly enhancing our platform solution capability, strengthening the cohesiveness of ecosystem, expanding our product range, and developing major partnerships.  It is our utmost priority at Axis to provide the best possible results to our clients and partners to go Global eCommerce.

On the tech end of the spectrum, Axis thrives on the belief that streamlined eCommerce is the new game changers that allow business to make the most strategic and innovative decisions while responding with ease to a constantly changing digital landscape.

Our Mission

To innovate and provide end-to-end eCommerce solution and strategy through our open ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Our Vision

The Orchestra of an open  eCommerce ecosystem so everyone can be the front row seater of the digital evolution.

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