Axis Academy

Be guided until your success. It’s our principle of doing things right

Regardless of your age, experience, level or industry. It does not matter.

We truly believe a good training academy should be able to yield the magic wand and groom people from zero to hero. Axis Academy is going after the direction to be the respected e-Commerce academy and public admired for our work so that our customers return to us time and time again. For many years the e-Commerce training industry has been subject to very low standards. There have been neither rules nor regulations, which has allowed anyone with a set of laptop and power-point to claim to be a successful e-Commerce guru.

Even today there are courses and seminars that claim to show you how to be a professional eCommerce. We believe that this has to stop and a new standard must be firmly put in place. There are two significant points to consider:

Space where online community and experts co-create e-Commerce projects and value between us

Axis created this co-working space for members with purpose-built for networking, mentoring, brainstorming, spurring creativity and resource sharing. We hold approximately severals  e-Commerce classes here every month, as well as a host of other exciting e-Commerce, startup and tech activities and events here. Co-workers can use the space via a free-seating arrangement, and can enjoy free facilities such as a locker service, Wi-Fi internet, electricity and copying and printing services at minimal cost.

We have the vision at Axis academy co-working space where e-Commerce work doesn’t feel like work, be at the peak of your game with tasteful cozy spaces nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is more than just a physical space – it is a nexus between business and sharing.


Our Commitment (YOUR SUCCESS)

We focus on your goals. Keep your team sharp by learning best practices from ecommerce pioneers who have hands on experience through workshops, training sessions and video tutorials. Customise courses so they most effectively impact your team.


Cross Border eCommerce ( ANYWHERE, ANYTIME )

Our customs specialists will help your business – no matter the size – sell across oceans by reducing problems associated with international payments, long shipping times and language barriers. Become a dependable and reliable source so your customers all around the world choose to shop from you first.



Meet the demands of your shoppers and save money. If your business is still using EDI, evolve your pure-play B2B business to automate and facilitate the purchase of goods online. Discover and implement the most successful tactics and trends retailers are using to target today’s B2B buyers.


1. Lifetime-training

Learning is a lifetime journey

We hate to see there are low standard courses out in the market that is priced ridiculously but does not provide any significant resource to the students. Perhaps, there are more follow-up course and each course carries with different price. This madness has to be stopped.

We, Axis, created a comprehensive training academy that teaches the top to bottom of eCommerce. It will be your lifetime training that we welcome you to walk in our academy anytime any-day.


2. Practical & Realistic

Together with solutions and tools

When you are part of Axis Academy, we take you very seriously, because you will have decided to seize the moment, to want something better than average, to be as good as you can be and to be a commercial success.
We understand training alone is not enough, with our platform capabilities, we offer each and every of our students the right solutions and tools to kick-start the online venture. Most people wonder where and how to start eCommerce, now you do not have to suffer the same fate. It’s practical eCommerce and realistic experience.

For those who have additional learning needs or if English is a second language, we have learning support staff to help read, write, allow more time. We ensure that you are treated fairly and equally to everyone and have the right to earn a professional service.anytime any-day.


“We have an excellent track record of achieving this by creating a combination of the best facilities, the proven sales record guru, the practical tools, the structured syllabus and the best e-Commerce seller focused learning programme so that our students become not just better, but e-Commerce professional.”

Learn how this Entrepreneur started from zero with no English background

A true inspiring story that transform his life drastically


Let us help your e-Commerce business thrive.