Express Logistics

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Cross-border shipping may present many country-specific challenges and risks, which may be related to the transport infrastructure and much more possible issues. However, with our effective delivery solutions, we are capable in keeping both your businesses and customers happy. Each of our delivery solutions is customized to suit the specific region and together with our extensive delivery network, speed, as well as competitive rates – Axis, is simply the best companion of your return on investment (ROI).

Express Logistics

Global Expertise

Vast Delivery Network

Excellent Shipping Intelligence

Express Shipping

Our express shipping cross-border capability has enabled our clients to ship to more than 98 countries worldwide. With Axis, not only our clients will benefit from the reduced express shipping costs, but their customers as well will be able to enjoy a faster delivery service and a superb e-Commerce experience.

Global Expertise

Fulfill your business promises, anywhere. Our global expertise fully understands and ready to cater to the different needs and expectations of diverse groups of customers, customs regulations as well as legal requirements. Let Axis help you to build a scalable and cost-effective delivery solution that will meet the needs of your customers anywhere in the world.

Training Academy

At Axis, we provide programs that cover all your e-Commerce needs, which will explain all the essential elements you need to know in order to understand the logistics elements in doing cross-border e-Commerce. Our comprehensive programs will also help you to have a better understanding on how to provide local and international customers with fast, flexible, hassle-free and affordable delivery.

Delivery Network

Get your products to where they need to go. Scale your business globally and sell to anywhere across the globe without having to worry about the delivery coverage. Our long-standing partnerships with leading global carriers are the proof of our dedication in finding the best rate with the best carrier partner, so our clients are able to deliver their products swiftly to the customers, wherever they may be.

Shipping Intelligence

Outsmart the hefty cross-border shipping fees, together. Most of the e-Commerce business failed due to the expensive shipping cost and failure to consider the best routing options that can provide the best return on investment (ROI) to the businesses. But thanks to our shipping intelligence, all the issues have been solved once and for all. So now, you can make use of our tools to determine which route and carrier are profitable and make the most of your bucks.

Tired of Expensive Shipping? Too much Returned Goods?

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