E-commerce: Are You In or Are You Out?


Go Online or Get Left Behind!

It may be no surprise to many of us, but e-Commerce is replacing traditional online shopping. Last 2017, it is reported that total retail e-Commerce sales across the globe have reached $22.049 trillion and some forecasts that the e-Commerce sales will top $4.058 by 2020, which is quite a huge number of purchases done online! If your business sells a product that can easily be bought online, such as healthcare products, apparels, cookware or beverages, setting up an online store might be the right thing for your business. Imagine a buyer bought a cookware item from you online and he could receive the item without you as the business owner have to do anything. And of course, getting those late night orders that fill up your inbox the next day while you’re peacefully sleeping. Who doesn’t like those, right? And that’s exactly why e-Commerce is so rewarding for business.


E-commerce is changing

With the existence of “reviews” retail e-Commerce is just getting even better; a 2016 survey revealed that 84% of potential buyers trust online reviews and recommendations just as much as personal recommendations. And of course, more trusts gained from potential buyers, means more sales!

Today’s e-Commerce has allowed us to take advantage of so many new opportunities to reach more consumers and make more sales. And that’s why we at Axis think that e-Commerce is something that every business owner needs to embrace. So, if your business has neglected e-Commerce, it may be the right time for you to think again. As time goes by, we can only expect things to get more and more sophisticated. From Facebook shopping ads to apps that allow you to do virtual try-on, e-Commerce is way different than it used to be ten or even five years ago.