How to Make Your First Online Sales ?

Have you ever wonder how long it usually takes for e-commerce sellers to make their first sale? Well, it depends. Some people made it within a WEEK but some people spent a few MONTHS but still not getting any sales.

Here are some ways to make your first online sale:

1. Connect your online store to Marketplaces

Connecting your online store to existing marketplaces like Amazon, eBay is the best way to diversify your profit and get your products to be known by a larger pool of shoppers. It may take you some time to set up, but it will be definitely well worth in the long run.

2. Use social media

You can sell your products directly through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and others. It’s amazing how much traffic you can drive through social media. If you keep growing your social presence it won’t be long until your following start to convert to customers.

3. Launch Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook Ads to target people that are most likely interested and more likely to purchase your products by searching for keywords related to your products. Keep in mind that although Facebook has some great targeting options, you really need to spend some time thinking about your target market in order to find a good fit with your advertisements.

4.Make an Awesome Blog or Website

Content marketing is the technique of attracting site visitors by providing good quality content. There are a few key ingredients to improve your ecommerce store’s blog and make it something worth sharing: Offer good and relevant content, make sure it’s visually appealing.

5.Be Persistent & Be Patient

Last but not least, be persistent and be patient! Remember, your first sales should not be about profitability. They should be about finding your niche and acquiring for your first customers to refine your advertising, shipping, fulfillment and customer service strategy, and experience. If you were launching a brick and mortar store, you probably wouldn’t expect your business to be profitable for the first little while. Same goes with ecommerce – it takes time, so be patient!