Top Interesting Facts About Amazon You Should Know

Having a lower startup cost is one of the e-commerce benefits. While a physical retail store requires the owner to pay up to thousands of dollars for the store rental, store signs, store design, sales equipment and more, e-commerce store only requires you to pay an affordable monthly or yearly fee which comes with an easy to use e-commerce platform, hosting and a few other great perks.

A big marketplace like is not something new in the industry, with billions of sales per year, the number of registered sellers on the platform is increasing day by day. However, how big is Apart from the word “Amazon” itself that has come to mean large and powerful, you must know that this online company is also big in operation. From the number of markets it serves, the size of its own inventory to the number of fulfillment centers and the sales they earned, well, Amazon is indeed big – so, here’s the big deal on the world’s largest online marketplace!