Top Advantages of E-commerce for Small and Medium-sized Business

E-commerce or selling products online as opposed to selling at physical stores has reshaped the modern marketplace in recent years, and this new form of trade comes with its own sets of advantages over conventional selling methods. So, among the top advantages of starting an e-commerce business are you can broaden your market and gained […]

Top Interesting Facts About Amazon You Should Know

Having a lower startup cost is one of the e-commerce benefits. While a physical retail store requires the owner to pay up to thousands of dollars for the store rental, store signs, store design, sales equipment and more, e-commerce store only requires you to pay an affordable monthly or yearly fee which comes with an […]

A Glance at the Future of E-commerce

Worldwide retail e-commerce sales reached $2.29 trillion in 2017, some 10.1% of all retail sales, and are set to hit $4.479 trillion by 2021. While many markets are already well developed, there’s still a huge potential audience to be reached and some exciting up-coming trends will help to reach them like the ones we have […]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): What, Why and How Does It Works?

As people navigate the web primarily through search engines, there is no place better than putting your advertisements online. But, this does not mean that they need to be everywhere — which is why Search Engine Marketing or SEM exists. With SEM, it gives you the power to fine tuning places where you want your […]

E-commerce: Current scenario and potentials

The trend of retailing has changed drastically from the past 20 years till date and internet growth has been viewed as the main cause of this new economic development. With the emergence of e-commerce as a new market, many big and small businesses are also witnessing increment in profits as consumers turn more and more […]

Part 2 | Why Your Attitude is EVERYTHING?

The #2 Must-have Attitudes: Never, never quit! Not everyone on Earth is born successful. So if you are not (yet) successful, this article is dedicated for you. But first, let’s read through the following questions together.. What turns losers into legends? What separates the winner from the quitter? What transforms the ordinary to super ordinary? […]

Let’s Boost Sales — Our Way

The objective of marketing is to increase awareness and sales for your product. To effectively market your product or service, you need to clearly define a strategy. However, it can be challenging to devote as much time to do marketing as you need to and to market more efficiently. So, here is the 6 marketing […]

How to Make Your First Online Sales ?

Have you ever wonder how long it usually takes for e-commerce sellers to make their first sale? Well, it depends. Some people made it within a WEEK but some people spent a few MONTHS but still not getting any sales. Here are some ways to make your first online sale: 1. Connect your online store […]

Hate to work for other people? Read this.

“I quit!” There, you said it. Or you said it in your mind. You dreamed it again. What’s stopping you? Oh, about a million things including your mortgage and putting food on the table. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not rich. How in the world can I start a company?”  Rule #1: Run your business on your […]